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You Are What You Think

We become what we think – and just as our body would suffer if we fed it decaying and devitalised food, we need to nourish our mind with life giving thoughts that truly sustain us and allow us to grow towards the light of our greater consciousness.

All the fresh juices, supplements and exercise in the world won’t combat a diet of self defeating thoughts that create unwanted chemical responses in our body – and unwanted experiences in our life.

Hormones are released into our body with every thought and emotion we produce. It’s not difficult to imagine that anxious, critical or fearful thoughts flush our body with the hormones of stress, while encouraging and compassionate attitudes create very different reactions that build health and wellbeing.

Our bodies are pharmaceutical factories – and our thoughts and emotions are the prescriptions we daily write for ourselves, often unconsciously.

When negative thoughts flood our systems with cortisol … we are immediately on the way to feeling poorly.  Inflamed thoughts create inflammation in the body.  Acid and inflammation are the breeding grounds for more serious ailments.

Our emotions of course create our state of being, and negative emotions soon have us radiating a frequency to match.  Whatever we  emit is on its way back to us in this reflective universe – and very soon we attract more things to confirm our pessimistic outlook.

The emerging field of Epigenetics shows that genes are also turned on and off by our internal environment – our emotional states.  We don’t have to accept that we are automatically predisposed to certain health outcomes because of our family history.  The receptors on the cell membrane are not only sensitive to our external environment but also our mental attitudes and perceptions, our stresses and expectations. Leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy mind set encourage our genes to express positive, disease fighting behaviours.

We all have a lot of conditioning through family, community, culture and the legacy of human history tucked in our DNA.  These unseen characteristics shape our personalities, our expectations and our experiences.

As Oscar Wilde said:  “Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are someone else’s opinion, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

The importance of shaping our own unique and supportive view of self and a positive world view cannot be overstated.  Fortunately, we live in a time of compelling and empowering breakthroughs in medicine and science that tell us our brain has a limitless capacity to change and grow.

We are always free to over-write old, limiting patterns of thought that keep us locked in a level of mind that no longer serves us.  Yes, it takes clarity and commitment to wrestle debilitating core beliefs to the ground and reach for liberating beliefs and true definitions of self.   It is of course, the only diet worth adopting!



Hummingbird Message

Free Hummingbird image 3.Hummingbird reminds you that you have the ability to adapt easily to whatever situation you may find yourself in and make the most of your new circumstances.

Don’t waste time looking back.

Like the Hummingbird, keep looking for the sweetness in life wherever you are.


Mindfulness, Good Vibrations and Working The Quantum Field

meditation-1384758_1280Why is mindfulness a worthy pursuit?  Because our endless flow of thoughts create matching emotions that immediately affect us on all levels.  They create our state of being, moment by moment.

Our states range from harmonious to agitated and every other conceivable emotion.  They create a resonance and a frequency that deliver health and wellbeing, or the lack of it.  We most definitely create good and bad vibes for our self and our cells as we swing from state to state, often unconsciously.

Ah, but to take some time to be still, to quieten our mind, to reflect or meditate.  We then have a chance to sift through our thoughts and delete those that have outlived their usefulness.   Choosing to focus on those beliefs and attitudes we prefer allows new neuro pathways to be formed, while outmoded ones peel away through lack of attention.  Neuroplasticity tells us the brain is capable of creating new default settings that lead to different behaviours and experiences and where we place our focus and attention is key.

It is our beliefs at any given moment that determine our state of being – and how we are vibrating.

When we are awash with our best thoughts and the good vibrations they create, we move into a cohesive state.  We begin to entrain our world, internally and externally.   Our cells and our life experiences become aligned with our strongest  feelings, beliefs and best choices.

We’re not the only thing vibrating.   Everything is energy vibrating,  and in this ‘reflective universe’,  as Einstein called it, what we put out energetically bounces back to us in the form of our experiences.

We want to be mindful of our vibrational offerings to the universe – to the signals we’re sending out into the great quantum field of infinite possibilities. That way we’re creating consciously rather than by default.

Our beliefs, imagination and feelings select the version of events from the infinite field of possibilities.  Our imagination is the archive of all possible outcomes and we activate our selected version of reality through the frequency of our feelings. Positive feelings and  high vibrations activate the desired versions. Negative feelings and dull vibrations activate unwanted experiences.

This is why we can manifest our worst fears or our greatest dreams.  The strongest emotion wins in the manifestation game.

Your feelings are your own inner GPS and your excitement serves as your compass.


Excitement is a high state of resonance that occurs when you are in alignment with your true self.   Following your excitement is what your soul hopes you’ll choose to do with your free will.

If you follow that thread of excitement you’ll find that it is connected to all manner of experiences that hold that same quality of joy and wonder.  You’ll know you’ve deliberately created from your new level of excitement when you meet with surprising coincidences and synchronicities.

It’s the way “all that is” likes to remind you you’re on track.

Focus only on what you want and ignite your emotions so that you feel the event has already found you.

Your excitement is the mechanism that calls forth all your dreams from the infinite field !



Just for today…..



Just for today, imagine that everything is actually ok in your world, despite appearances.  Imagine that there is nothing missing in your life and nothing missing from who you are.  Just for today imagine that you are more than OK and you can allow all of your circumstances to be enough.  This is a perspective we rarely hold.  Our usual lens is focussed on what’s not quiet right, what’s missing and what needs to be better.

Just for today stop striving and pushing for more.   Everything is always changing and every still frame of the moving film of our lives is valid and vital.   In the words of The Beatles,  just Let It Be….for today.

Accepting all of the (seeming) imperfections of our selves, our  bodies, our circumstances, our past, our imagined future… and just letting it all be –  is the fastest way for things to shift.  Rather than keeping things in a holding pattern, acceptance allows the natural flow of energy and life to keep changing.

Just for today give your analytical mind a break.  Unlocking your brain from its futile patterns of repeated thought and worry allows your higher mind to drop some creative thought into the mix.

Just for today….. release your need to be right.  Release your need to fix – anything !

Just for today – let go of thinking that a lot of time and a lot of sequences will have to pass before different things show up in your life.   Just for today remember that miracles can happen in no time at all –  in the breadth of a thought.

Just for today, take your grip of the steering wheel and put yourself into neutral.  You might find yourself on a very different track by the end of the day.





Whale Rescue

humpback-1209297_1920Last week a whale beached itself on the coastline where I live.

I’ve often wondered how these beautiful creatures with their sophisticated use of sonar lose their way so completely.  What could go so wrong with their internal navigation system which normally connects them so powerfully to their family group and their migration routes?

I then thought it is the same for us at times when we become disorientated, becalmed or beached in our own lives or when we totally disconnect from our own personal guidance system.

I watched the group of locals in their wet suits in the cold water – keeping their vigil around the whale like sentinels.  They could do nothing but be there with it in the fading light and wait for the water to rise.  They stood there in the shallows comforting this motionless mammal – acknowledging where it was, a ‘fish’ almost out of water – knowing with certainty the tide would turn.

There’s an important message contained in this episode.  I think this is what we as humans need when life stops flowing and we feel beached and powerless.  It is during these times we need others to stand with us in the shallows – compassionately acknowledging where we’re at – holding a view of our future that we cannot necessarily see ourselves – and coaxing us gently back into deeper water where we can feel the natural currents of life again.

It’s good to remember how powerfully your own thoughts can affect the wellbeing of another. When you are concerned about those around you, seeing them as you wish them to be helps their own GPS kick back in.

The story of this beached whale had a happy ending which was inspiring for everyone to witness.  Seeing that whale swim away from the rescuers – and the unbridled joy on their faces was one of those feel good moments that stayed with me and one I just had to share.




A Few Words On Relationships by Oprah Winfrey

heart-1192662_1920A relationship built on real love feels good.

It isn’t selfish, it doesn’t cause you anxiety.

When someone really loves you they understand that you’re loveable just because you’re here. How they treat you underscores that understanding.

A relationship requires work, yet if it’s healthy it should bring you joy, not just some of the time, but most of the time.

It should never require losing your voice, your self-respect or your dignity.

And whether you’re 25 or 65, it should involve bringing all of who you are to the table – and walking away with even more.

When all the to do lists of life are no more, when our email boxes are empty – the only thing that will have any lasting value is whether we’ve loved others and whether they’ve loved us.

Oprah Winfrey.

Good Things to Remember

  • Yearning only pushes things away so savour your desires as if they’re already here.
  • Once you face a fear you’ll find it often falls away naturally.
  • Whatever you resist – persists.
  • The things you cease to judge fade from your life.
  • Acts of kindness in the present balance selfish deeds of the past.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your spoken word.
  • ONLY GOOD CAN COME OF THIS … is my favourite declaration and makes a success of every circumstance.


Demystifying Meditation

Light thru trees - 2 SamThe process of meditation is nothing more than quietly going within. When you close your eyes to the external world with all its distractions and stimuli you can connect more easily with your inner world and your whole self – not just your distracted personality self.  You connect with your higher mind which is also the greater universal mind we all share.

Meditation can simply be moments of reflection – when walking along the beach, or sitting in front of an open fire or even when you’re driving or taking a shower.

When I first came to meditation over 20 years ago I had some funny experiences.  I used to try very hard to access this perceived illusive state of meditation.  I was attending lots of courses at the time including meditation classes.  Often the facilitator would guide the group through a meditation after which the other students would report having had remarkable mystical experiences where I had none.  I felt like an absolute fraud, but loved the learning curve I was on and kept my little secret to myself.

At the time, I was having a lot of dental work done as I’d decided to replace all of my mercury/amalgam fillings with something healthier.  At my first appointment my dentist went about fitting a rubber dam in my mouth, hooking it around my teeth to catch the dislodged mercury so it didn’t flood my system.  The problem was that the harder he tried to secure it, the more I disrupted the procedure when it activated my gag response and he’d have to start again.   He and his assistant tried for twenty minutes before giving up in frustration, saying they had to proceed with out it. Well, that threw me into mild panic, and I immediately held up my hand and declared – “Please try one more time, I’m sure I will be fine.”

Deciding that mind over matter was the only way forward I began to think about the colours of the chakras that were discussed in meditation class.  I imagined the ladder of these energy centres in my body and their corresponding colours. I would give the red of the base chakra my whole, unwavering attention and then flash the colour through my whole body, and then move up the ladder to the next colour.   It was an exercise to simply divert my attention away from the frenzied activity and all the instruments in my mouth.

I didn’t think anything extraordinary was happening but the next hour and a half sped by, seeming like no time at all, and I realised it was all over.  The odd thing was that I didn’t want to come out of that blissful state.  I had sat motionless, without the hint of a twitch, almost breathless for about 90 minutes. The dentist was astonished and so was I.  It was a moment of realisation when I knew I had moved myself into a true meditative state.

My altered state didn’t come about in a meditation class, or while sitting cross legged in an ashram in India, but in my dentist’s surgery on the 33rd floor of a glass tower in Hong Kong.  I’d moved from a state of high anxiety to a deeply still state,  but the thing to note here is – I didn’t realise I’d shifted states to that degree until I came out of it. While I was in it, it seemed subtle.  I’d lost track of time, of being conscious of where I was and of my circumstances.

I looked forward to my next visit to see if it would work again, and it did every time. Having accessed that state, and observed the signature of it, it was easier to identify again.

Prior to this experience I would have expected a state of meditation to have overwhelmed me    –  that I’d  have felt as if I’d been totally transported to some transcended state.

I remember the author and speaker Carolyn Myss talking about the great cosmic paradox – that the small things are often the big things and visa versa.  Our states of connectedness, when we are truly aligned with spirit and ‘all that is’, can be subtle but powerful.  I also like the words from the Sufi tradition that speak of the subtlety of wisdom – that it remains hidden from obvious view.  It sings in the soft breeze that  rustles through the branches of the trees. You have to stop, still yourself and listen carefully because its small voice can be drowned out by the noise of the world.

So, drop any expectations and know that you can discover moments of meditation and insight as easily as you might step into a warm puddle of water while walking on the beach.

There is an ever present, calm and cohesive energy field that sits within us and around us.  It is the fabric of our true nature, our real home.  It waits for us to hear its gentle call so that it might wrap itself around us again and again.


The Power of Mental Rehearsal

judge-300551_1280I always knew that when a golfer hit a hole in one it wasn’t just the result of his or her perfected swing, the prevailing winds or good luck.  With the kind of laser like focus sports professionals are capable of achieving, I understood that it was their intention, combined with intense imagination and mental rehearsal that created that particular outcome.

The champion golfer Jack Nicklaus has said:

“I never hit a shot, even in practice, without having a very sharp, in-focus picture of it in my head.  It’s like a colour movie.  First, I “see” the ball where I want it to finish, nice and white and sitting up high on the bright-green grass.  Then the scene quickly changes, and I “see” the ball going there:   its path, trajectory, and shape, even its behaviour before landing.  Then there’s sort of a fade-out, and the next scene shows me making the king of swings that will turn the previous images into reality.  Only at the end of this short, private Hollywood spectacular do I select a club and step up to the ball.”

Whether we’re a professional sports person or not, we all have a mental movie running in our head continuously imagining how our day or future will play out.   They are OUR mental productions but they’re not entirely original as our scripts are often handed to us through the opinions of others and our conditioned fears and doubts.

Strengthen the observer part of self and be mindful of the kind of films that are running in your inner cinema.  Start critiquing them even as they’re running, and pull some of the re-runs off the screen immediately.  Replace them with a bold new visionary tale casting your good self as you prefer to be.

Once you make this inner picturing process conscious and deliberate, you begin to create experiences to match in your outer world.

Bring mental rehearsing to the forefront of your day – while you’re having your morning shower.  Rehearse how you would like the meeting, or the long drive, or anything on your to-do list to play out.

I like to rehearse phone calls as I’m preparing to make them.   Seeing myself finding just  the right word at the right time.  Sensing the great pleasure I will have as I hang up –   feeling very satisfied at how the conversation has gone.

As I set off in the car to my destination, I mentally rehearse seeing my car pull into its destination at exactly the time I would like the journey to end, and no longer.

SEE THE END IN THE BEGINNING.     Set your intention up front.

Don’t just play with this to manifest the perfect car parking space.  Employ it throughout every day so that you are deliberately creating your preferred outcomes.

Remember of course that it works both ways.  Draw the curtain quickly if the film you’re running turns into a horror movie.  You want to be in the business of producing happy endings.

Pull out some of those old dusty scripts of your wildest dreams that you may have put aside a long time ago.  Let them come to life again vividly on your inner screen and marvel at how they begin to show up in your world in the most surprising ways.


Good Things To Remember

  • You can’t create a new future hanging on to the emotions of the past.
  • Our world is going through unprecedented change.  Become more at ease with letting go of how things used to be and decide to thrive in the current conditions.
  • Only speak of the things you want to see more of.
  • Whatever you focus on grows.
  • Deep appreciation brings more good things into your life – to appreciate.
  • Every thought creates a chemical change in your body.
  • Kind thoughts flood your body with happy hormones. (Scientist, Author and Speaker – Dr David R. Hamilton, PhD has all the details:




New Beginnings


The Hummingbird is considered to be

the bearer of new life.



I have always loved new beginnings! They arrive with such promise of the unknown.

That’s one of the reasons I have the beautiful Hummingbird as my logo as they are said to be a sign of regeneration and the bearer of new life.

The truly amazing thing about the Hummingbird is that it has the largest heart of any species on the planet in relationship to its body mass.

These tiny birds are the essence of adaptability and endurance. They are always searching for the sweetness in life and are master pollinators of beauty on the planet. 

Every moment is a new beginning and an opportunity to have a sweeter, brighter, bolder thought about yourself and your life.

Let that thought float out into the field of all possibilities and bring back to you the experience to match.



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