Appointments in person can be arranged at the Gold Coast, Australia and in other locations when Julie is travelling.

Phone and Skype sessions can be booked at a time to suit.



Private Sessions

Consultations are 60 – 90 minutes. Your individual situation and immediate needs dictate the agenda for these dynamic one-to-one sessions.   Intuitive guidance and effective techniques are offered as well as email follow up and support.  Phone and Skype consultations can be booked at a time to suit.


Meditation Made Easy

Julie has taught meditation for over 20 years and conducts classes, workshops and private sessions (in person and via phone and Skype).

Nothing reduces stress faster than stilling the body, calming the mind and balancing your entire system through meditation. 

Meditation takes you into the operating room of your being where you are able to overwrite old programs and rewire your brain for new experiences.


Classes, Workshops, Retreats.

Details can be found on our Events page and in Newsletters.

Seminars and Speaking Engagements:  

  • Meditation Made Easy
  • Healing Your Body with Your Mind
  • Creating Work Places Where People Thrive
  • Conscious Creating – You and the Quantum Field


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