Here’s what those who are working with Julie have to say:

"A consultation with Julie is not an expense; it is an investment. A close friend put me in touch with this extraordinary lady at a time when I was exhausted and consumed by a disintegrating relationship and constant panic attacks. Her genius is an uncanny ability to quickly identify what is causing one's unease, then to offer guidance not just to neutralise it, but to show you how to help yourself to reach a place of calm, steady personal growth. A year on from my first phone call with Julie, and thanks greatly to her advice, my life has become smooth sailing. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

G. Brooks - Writer, England.   

"It is a rare and wonderful thing to experience a therapist who is completely working on my behalf, even when we are not physically in the same space. Julie validated my feelings and helped elevate me to a new level of self awareness making herself completely available in so many loving ways. Valuing every aspect of spiritual growth is the core of her work and she has a tremendous gift to clear the way when the way seems completely inaccessible. Thank you, Julie!"

Belinda Rennie - Accredited Nutritionist, Australia   

“Julie, I must offer a million thank yous – it really was a life changing weekend and I am feeling so much more positive and recharged. As you know I have wanted to do something like this for such a long time…. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. My partner thinks I should do this retreat every year for an annual recharge and he is happy to keep the home fires burning. Yay! See you in 12 months.”

Philippa Margan - Business Owner, Sydney.   

“You make the world seem less threatening and infinitely conquerable.”

Ken Johnson - IT CEO, Dallas, Texas.   

“It’s difficult to describe the magnitude of everything I’ve learned from Julie. She has made an enormous difference to how I view and appreciate my world, and she’s been a big factor in my successes, both personal and professional. I know the best gift I’ve given many of my friends is an introduction to her.”

D. Langley - Media Consultant, New York.   

“I contacted Julie after a forced change in my employment left me unsure of my future. Actually, the appointments were a gift from my mother. After several phone consults, which were easier than I’d imagined - and a lot of helpful emails, things started improving for me. I’ve kicked a lot of knee jerk habits that always kept me frustrated and I don’t stay stuck for long these days. ”

Tim Dent - Graphic Artist, Brisbane.   

“Julie’s warm wisdom and focus on outcomes, gave me life-changing insights and behaviours. Her years of study and practice certainly paid off for me.”

Evan Price - University Lecturer and Tutor (QUT and UQ), Brisbane.   

"Dear Julie, Thank you. It has been amazing meeting you. I feel like you are this beautiful light that sees within and can guide me to the best I can be. You are truly a gift. I am so grateful, my heart is open and my life has new meaning and vision. Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge. You words and meditations are special and are without doubt tools that ground me. I look forward to sharing my journey and growth with you."

Michelle L. - Artist, Sydney.   

I can't believe my good fortune in finding Julie. I was an anxious mess and have been searching for help for a number of years ending up disappointed each time. I accidently clicked on her website and felt compelled to write. I feel that after a fortnight's exchange of emails, she 's actually sitting in my head, almost knows me better than I do myself. Her intuition, knowledge, encouragement and loving guidance is a gift from heaven. You couldn't find a more caring and wise teacher. To have answers to any queries and problems by email on the same day is such a supportive service.

Marlene Hasemer - Writer, Sydney.   

“I was fortunate enough to begin work with Julie during a time of processing heavy grief – I had lost three family members in three years and was really feeling stratospherically outside of my comfort zone when the last loss occurred. Her great understanding of life and its processes helped me to not only anchor myself during this time, but also to embrace the powerful transformative opportunities that can often present themselves during times of great challenge and change.”

Samantha Goddard - Writer, Australia.   

"What a joy it is to be in the presence of Julie. Her genuine warmth, extensive knowledge and experience along with her heightened intuition enable her to be extremely effective in assisting her clients to make significant shifts - whether it be in their deepest of personal and emotional needs or offering coaching and support in their business world. Julie has an extensive tool kit which continues to inspire and amaze me. I have been fortunate to have been a recipient of her particular magic which has enabled me to let go of the past and feel more confident about moving forward. Meeting Julie has added richly to my life."

Lyn Traill - Corporate Consultant, Author, Speaker - Australia.   

"Bringing clarity is exactly what Julie does. There are times in everyone's life when things are very cloudy and unclear, and the way forward is incredibly uncertain. Julie can move you out of that simply by the way she thinks and approaches your dilemma, but you always feel you're the one taking the reins." (Note from Julie - "And of course you are!")

Debra Langley - CEO, Fashion Retailer, Singapore.   

"I wanted to thank you again for the personal meditation you recorded for me. I don't think I could have managed these difficult times without it. I listen to it most days and I always seem to hear something new. Without it I would never have had the experience of meditation or felt the benefits. It's been enormously helpful and I very much appreciate all of your guidance."

Pamela Lawson - Pamela's Pantry, Brisbane.   

"Julie, Thanks so much for all of your time today. I felt so much clearer when I left and excited about possibilities. I've just received your follow up notes - what a great email! A special one to print out and paste into my journal. It will be the first thing I read on the train each morning to keep me on track. You have such a great gift of completely 'getting' what is said to you."

Vanessa Kemp - Business Analayst - Sydney   

“Julie assisted me at a time I had a number of challenges in my life. I was experiencing an overwhelmingly difficult dynamic in my career which was affecting my personal life. A work colleague recommended Julie and I began a brief series of consultations. Although I consider myself to be an excellent strategic thinker, I realised at the time I was not adopting the best strategies for myself. Julie’s objectivity and insight offered me options I hadn’t considered and they allowed me to work through things effectively. Now when my colleague and I are wrestling with a common problem, we often ask ourselves what Julie would do in the situation.
I can recommend her wholeheartedly.”

R. Brittingham - Project Manager, Sydney.   

“My experience of Julie has been my most meaningful interaction with anyone. I attended her meditation classes for several years. They were the most rewarding I have known - where her insightful words washed over me. I also treated myself to one of her assisted healings. The outcome profound for me to this day. I have had the Hep C virus for almost 40 years. Since my session with Julie a dozen years ago or so, all my yearly liver scans and blood tests have been normal, and I have been symptom free since then. I still have the virus, but it does not have me. There was a sort of shift in that session that allowed me to take control of my health. More recently Julie has been a wonderful sounding board for my husband facing a serious health issue. Her acquired knowledge, higher thinking, and ease of expression has helped us greatly deal with this, giving us the power we need to move forward. She is compassionate, loving, and kind. She comes highly recommended by us.”

Sincerely, M. and S. Foster.   

"As a practicing Psychologist I have worked to develop insight over many years through both supervision and therapy. A friend had often told me how wonderfully helpful and healing her interactions with Julie had been over many years. I was curious to meet Julie, even though I had an insightful and helpful Psychologist I saw intermittently. I chose to see Julie while she was visiting Sydney with regard to a repetitive negative pattern I was aware of. I was immediately comfortable with Julie, she is warm, compassionate and very insightful. Julie has the ability to listen intently and immediately "get" your issue. She has been instrumental in casting light on these repetitive patterns and supporting me to change them - offering amazing clarity on difficult personalities, and managing these people in my life. I found the flexibility she offers for sessions (email, phone, face to face), accommodating and convenient. She is so perceptive that having only one face to face session in Sydney was no impediment to changing my life as this was followed up with detailed email contact with Julie - emails that were useful to keep and reflect on when needed."

Christine - Psychologist, Sydney.   

"I went to see Julie as I was experiencing ongoing stress with family issues. I immediately felt at ease with her kind, compassionate and caring nature - something I haven't encountered before. In particular I was impressed with her genuine interest and ongoing support - something that can be sadly lacking in the medical profession. She has helped me turn a corner and helped me ignite my joy and passion again and I am forever grateful."

Margie - Carrara, Queensland, Australia   

"Bringing Clarity is exactly what Julie does. She has been instrumental in helping me with many relationship and career issues over a 10 year period and is the person I go to when I need clarity on problems. She doesn't pull any punches and navigates you through things in a positive way."

Margie Harrington - Sydney.